Join the PLNTD Medical Team

Empower Patients with Natural Medical Care

At PLNTD, we believe that providing patients with responsible and compassionate access to natural medicines is a vital part of modern healthcare. As a leading online wellness clinic in Australia, we are always looking to expand our team of authorised prescribers. If you are passionate about making a difference in patients' lives through the use of wellness-targeted therapies, we invite you to join the PLNTD team.

Why join PLNTD

Be part of a respected and trusted network of doctors
Access to ongoing education and training on natural therapies
Flexible work hours and remote working opportunities
Competitive compensation and professional growth opportunities

Our mission

Every Australian should have access to safe and effective medical treatments. Our mission is to provide compassionate care and education to anyone with a chronic condition for whom traditional treatments have been ineffective, or caused side effects.

We believe that holistic healthcare can be a valuable option for those suffering from certain conditions, and we're committed to helping eligible patients navigate their options.

Not ready to join our network but still want to support patients in need of holistic therapies?

Consider referring your patients to PLNTD instead. Together, we can provide them with the highest quality care and expertise in holistic medical treatment.